Apparently, I'm the last person on Earth to have seen this ingenious new website, "What the Fuck Has Obama Done So Far," but I finally got directed over to it, and I'm incredibly impressed and really taken aback. For me, it's a perfect example of the independent power of the Internet and new media that's actually making a difference.

In the past few months, I have been admittedly stubborn about the "lack of action" that I perceived from President Obama. I suppose I was one of those "Why is all of the good stuff not happening now" kind of voters, and I was especially miffed at his stance on gay rights. 

But WTF Has Obama Done So Far reminded me of all of the small, little, isolated great things that the Obama administration has accomplished in the past two years.   The website, a simple, click-through-and-see-the-vast-range-of-accomplishments serves its purpose, making all of the awesome available in one place and telling idiots like me to stop complaining...stuff is definitely going down and getting done.

That's not to say that we shouldn't still be critical citizens; it's better to be overly critical than to be apathetic. But I think that my previous stance may have ignored the bureaucracy of the United States that doesn't go away just because there's a new sheriff in town. 

Hats off to WTF's creators, Shavanna Miller, Will Carlough and Richard Boenigk, who are now reveling in their unofficial press tour pimping out their indy web site and proving once again that regular citizens can recognize a need for a website or news source and simply create it on their own. The 4 million-plus views that WTF has reportedly received since its inception last week don't lie. 

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