In one of my journalism classes the other day, my professor brought up the topic of citizen journalism and independent media, asking the class' opinion. Most of the class seemed unimpressed, denouncing it as unnecessary and with its own bevy of problems. It'd be fine if they earned "credentials," one student said. But when pressed to find out what those "credentials" would entail, the student couldn't respond. Other classmates said that indy media was fine, but it didn't really have a big impact or make any huge waves yet.

Rebecca Coffman and I beg to differ. Taking a page from the books of the folks behind "What the Fuck Has Obama Done So Far?," the website that was launched last week to highlight the Obama administration's accomplishments, we created "What the Fuck Has Indy Media Done So Far?," devoted to everything we've been learning about this semester. The fact is that Indy media is essential to the future of journalism in our country. There needs to be that alternative, and there's irrefutable proof that it's doing a better job at its mission - disseminating the news and holding people in power accountable - than corporate sources.

CHECK OUT what Rebecca and I produced!

11/11/2010 10:58:44 pm

This is great! You should ask your Professor to share it with your class! :-)


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